Poet & Scribe strives to create websites that make as little impact to the environment as possible. The computers & servers that websites live on have real world implications in how much energy is used to power them, where the power comes from, and how the code uses the power to display them.


The internet has a significant environmental impact. Your website is part of a digital ecosystem that uses energy with every interaction. Most of this energy is powered by fossil fuels. Some estimates put the global carbon emissions of the internet’s 5 billion worldwide users on par with that of the airline industry.

This report is generated by Ecograder. Ecograder scores websites based on a variety of performance, efficiency, and user experience factors as well as emissions estimates and green hosting powered by renewable energy.

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A screenshot of this website's Climate Impact Report. It reads: this website uses .15g of carbon dioxide emissions; at 500 pageviews, this single page would count for about 10 smartphones charged; this page is 135.50% smaller than the average web page. The majority of the website size comes from the images & scripts used to create this site.