A portrait of Heather Divoky, sitting on a stool, barefoot. Her artwork rests on the floor beside and the wall behind.
Category: Illustration; Project: General Illustration; Title: Brunswick Beach

Fine Art

Heather works primarily in pen, ink, marker, and color pencil, but is always exploring. She’s currently learning about stained glass and wire sculpture. Heather’s work has extended to murals, pet portraits, house portraits, and so much more. If you are interested in owning one of her works, whether a print or an original, she will be more than happy to work with you.

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Heather sitting on the floor, barefoot, curiously contemplating color & craft. She sits cross-leggedly, beside two of her works, as they lean on the wall.
Category: Branding; Project: The Brazen Budgeter

Graphic Design

Before focusing on her art career, Heather was a full-time marketeer for South-Tek Systems. She has designed numerous logos and run both print and web campaigns; not only for STS, but also for the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival, the Arts Council of Wilmington, and the Leland Cultural Arts Center.

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Heather, back on the wall, sitting on the floor, barefoot; face to the camera. She sits beneath one of her hanging-wire mobiles; each item a tiny piece of artwork, in and of themselves.
Heather's Studio

Art & Design Consultation

With a Bachelor and Master’s degree in the Arts, Heather’s knowledge of the visual arts and design is thorough. She always has one finger on the pulse of art, and is  invaluable for commercial and residential art consultation. Heather’s extensive experience in the art world is also an excellent resource for artists looking to work full-time in their craft

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